Alexandra not only was engaged and delivered on time, etc, but also was able to make meaningful contributions to the text. Along the way, she asked the type of questions you only get from someone who is truly searching to transmit the meaning of your text. Her level of professionalism was remarkable.

Diego Bonilla, filmmaker


Few translators are capable of rendering an English novel into Russian while retaining the emotional essence of the work. Merely adhering to grammatical rules while substituting words from one language to another might be adequate, but falls far short of excellence. In many cases the translator might get all the words but miss the intended meaning of the sentence or entire paragraph; as amateur musicians can play the notes but few can make music. In prose translating, the thoughts must supersede the substitution of words. This requires a rare talent, far above the essential knowledge of grammar.
Which brings us to Alexandra Korotkova, an equal master of her native Russian language and English. She has translated many of my extensive literary works from English to Russian with a mastery rarely equaled. How do I know? Because I am fluent in both languages but lack the exceptional talent required for such an undertaking. Basically, the only way to judge the quality of a translated novel is to read it without realizing that it was translated. Almost impossible, but not for Alexandra Korotkova.

Yuri Dia Konov, writer

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Alexandra is one of the greatest translators that I have worked with. She is professional, flexible and hard working. I have very high quality standards and I’m very happy with her services. During my 3 years daily cooperation with her, there was not a single time that she wouldn’t deliver accurate translation or would be late. I will continue working with her in the future and would recommend her to anyone, who needs English to Russian translations. Thanks for your good work, Alexandra!

Vytautas Kraujalis, CEO at LemonBite Media


I have worked with Alexandra developing Russian content for my website www.car-booker.com. She was a great asset to me as she brought much more to my business than the Russian language. She always had ideas, researched content to see what was the industry standard and what words were more website and SEO friendly. She was always punctual with work, always added value to the work she delivered and was incredibly pleasant to deal with. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alexandra for work and I would be more than happy to work with her again in the future.

Liz McNamara, owner & director at www.car-booker.com


I really can’t say enough good things about working with Alexandra. She did an amazing job on a translation project that required a fast turn around. The care that she gave to word choice and branding was incredible, and she communicated extremely well throughout the process. Truly a lovely person to work with!

Max M., founder of Maugdog, Inc.


Alexandra did a great subtitling job for us. She learned the process very quickly and delivered excellent, accurate products.

Customer Manager at Speechpad


Bravo. Hats off! Accurate, fast delivery and communications, reasonable price. Highly recommended.

Sergio Covelli, founder and CEO of ePubMATIC


Prompt, good communication and a professional polish. Great job.

Jason Byrne, co-founder of Eltsoft LLC


Thank you, Alexandra, for your excellent work!!! We would love to work again in the future.

Tammy Eavri, HR manager at Magnet Development


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Andrey Khanin, President of Stavropol Aikido Academy